Looking for Professional Consultants?

Need a professional consultant to help you in:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Management

With EdEX online consulting service, you get access to tens of consultants with a

variety of Business consulting skills and know-how from one centralised location, saving

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Expert Marketing and Business consultants can be difficult and expensive to find. At

EdEX we have a professional consultants with proven track record with an average of

10:25+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing and business Consulting field ready to

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Simple, flat pricing Just $90 for 90 mins Consulting


Edex Online consulting services enables you access to a large selection of qualified business Consultants while allowing you to easily navigate across skills, location and experience.


Step one

Find your consultant and request a meeting.


Step two

Fill in a brief and finalize the payment


Step three

Receive a multiple time slot options to select from.